Monday, September 7, 2015

First Day of School

Tuesday September 1st was first day for Kashton in "Mother's Day Out" at First Steps held at First Baptist Church. Kennedy went there a couple of years.

Vanessa still had her nap mat and asked me to make a new cover for Kashton. He is all about "Paw Patrol". Vanessa found some fabric and I made the mat cover, pillow cover and straps with handle to hold it all together.

Kashton tried it out. He was very pleased. Once I bundle it back together he carried it and he wouldn't let anyone else carry it!

Vanessa took these pictures and made a collage.

Although he didn't take a nap, he did lay down and was quiet during "nap time" which is a pretty big deal!

Vanessa put Kashton in Mother's Day Out so that she could homeschool Kennedy.

This is what Vanessa posted on Facebook and what she said.

Here is our first day of school picture!! First Day of Kinder! And as you see we aren't all fancied up, no backpack, and it's September 1st! Why you ask?? Because we have decided to homeschool! And on our first day of school we finished in an hour, had a lunch date, now pedicures and off to gymnastics in a bit. We are trying out new waters and seeing how the Lord guides us. Some things are meant to last for years others for a season. So to answer the burning question, we have no idea how long the season of homeschool will last us. We will see where we go!

While Mommy and Kennedy went to gymnastics, Kashton stayed home with me. He asked me for some milk.

Love his "mild mustache"! Cutest little dude ever!

That evening Keannon and Doyle cooked on the grill. We had steak, baked potatoes and corn on the cob. Kashton calls it "oncorn". Cracks me up. This is how he eats "oncorn."

Never a dull moment around here :)

Have a good one!


  1. Love the cover you did on the nap mat! And how exciting for Vanessa and Kennedy! I hope it goes well for them and yes, that is a cute little guy! :)