Thursday, August 20, 2015

Surprise Visitors at the Office

Friday August 14th was an interesting day at the office. Mom came which has been her new habit since retirement. She comes and helps me fold the bulletins and straightens the information we put in the back of the chairs at church.

This Friday was a bit different as she brought helpers with her! Vanessa needed her help in watching Kennedy and Kashton so she brought them with her!

I also had another surprise that morning as when Pastor came in he brought his dog. Well, it's really his wife's dog. She was gone to a conference and he brought him to the office with him.

Henry is a little Shih tzu and a very lovable little guy. Kennedy absolutely loves this dog. This is the size dog I think she really wants. Once Kashton got over the fear that Henry wasn't going to hurt him when he jumped on him he really wanted to play with him too!

Again I found the Western sky attractive as I was feeding horses. Loved the clouds and the suns rays.

Once again I didn't have my big camera. I usually carry it with me but with the heat I've quit keeping it in the truck and forget to grab it when I head out the door!

When I got home the sky surprised me with this!

Have a good one!


  1. How nice to have the help of your Mom on Fridays. And you had quite a lot of helpers on last Friday, Ha, ha. Beautiful sky!