Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Pretty Day to Ride

After the strong cold front moved through on Wednesday the low that night was in the 60's. Thursday the temps stayed in the upper 70's with a light breeze. It was wonderful! I HAD to go ride! I saddle up Fancy and Diamond and headed to Lake Mineral Wells State Park.

I began the ride on Fancy.

We didn't ride far when I saw what I think may have been a Kite Hawk. It's not a good picture. I only had my phone camera.

I usually try to ride halfway before changing horses but as you can see Diamond was dragging his feet. I finally swapped horses.

Once I got on him he moved much faster. I think he just likes being in the lead!

My favorite part of the trail is along the creek.

Love how the sunlight shines through the trees.

I actually met a couple riding on the trail. I usually don't see anyone. We visited a bit then continued on.

After we get back. Diamond takes a good roll!

It was a great day!

Have a good one!


  1. It was an amazingly, wonderful cool day for August! Glad you got to spend part of it riding the horses! Gorgeous sunset photo!

    1. Thanks! It made me want more! Am so ready for fall temperatures!