Friday, August 21, 2015

Just Another Monday

Well, not really. The kids have been living at the Peanut Palace for a week. On Monday August 17th, Kennedy had spent the night and I told her she could go with me to the office. Pastor doesn't usually come in on Mondays so it was a better day for her to come.

Kennedy took this selfie.

Someone taking selfies with my phone!

Texas State Parks are doing a contest for all sorts of prizes. All you have to do is visit a state park. Take a selfie with this paper finishing the sentence "My State Park is...."Then tag the photo with #TxStateParks and #FindYourPark and post on Instragram or Twitter. What I can't decide is whether to use this picture or one of just Kennedy. You guys have any input?

I finished my sentence with "My State Park is a place to take my granddaughter hiking".

This one isn't close enough I don't think. I set the camera on my phone to self time to get this one.

I believe this is an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail. I got out my zoom lens to get these. I was still wishing a was a bit closer. I had to climb some big rocks to get these!

Also saw this Bubble Bee.

My "sassy" little girl!

That evening Kennedy wanted to ride bikes to the cemetery. She likes this old structure on the grounds.

I thought my "tall" shadow was fun!

Look at these two cuties!

Pretty sky to end the day with.

Have a good one!


  1. I like the close up of the two of you together at the park for the contest. :) Love all your other photos. Looks like a fun Monday!

    1. thanks Sandy! I was leaning toward using that one too! I appreciate the input!