Friday, August 14, 2015

Farm Fun (Except We aren't on the Farm)

The grandkids came over while Keannon and Vanessa went somewhere. I had all of them except the
baby Korin. When it came time to feed I took all three of them.

The girls only had sandals for footwear which doesn't work well in a pasture of dirt, manure and stickers so I had them put on their rubber boots.

Everyone got to feed a horse. Remi fed Clyde, Kennedy fed Fancy, and with my help Kashton fed Diamond.

While the horses were eating I drained the big water tank and cleaned it out to fill with fresh water.

It turned all that nice dry powdery dirt to mud very quickly! The girls asked if they could walk through the mud. After all they did have on their "mud boots". I told them they could. Then Kashton asked if he could walk through the mud. I then realized he couldn't because he had regular shoes. I had to tell him "no". The look of disappointment on his face just about did me in. Then the first thing I know I turn and see Kennedy with one of her boots off and mud on her foot. I yell "what are you doing?! Why did you take your boot off?! Now I have to wash your foot!!" I then look at Remi and she has done the same thing! Now I'm frustrated and start in again. "What are you thinking?! Don't you realize how frustrating this is?!" I look at Remi's and Kennedy's faces and now I'm on the verge of tears. It was then that I sensed Papa speak to me "you were a kid once. You played barefoot in the mud.
Remember how much fun that was? What difference does it make if they play in the mud? It will wash off." I melted. I took a deep breath looked that each of their sad faces and said in a very calm voice, "Savtah is very sorry that she yelled at you. I was wrong. Please forgive me. Take your boots off and play in the mud if you want to." I helped Kashton take off his shoes too. The look on their faces made it all worth while.

I saw Kennedy's reflection in the water.

It did take a little longer to finish as I sat the kids down one by one to wash off the mud, dry their feet and put shoes and boots back on but they had so much fun! It was so worth it!

After I got every cleaned up we let horses out of the barn as they were through eating.

Clyde's habit after he is through is to lick the salt block. Remi loved on him while he did that.

Even though Kashton loves the horses he still has a fear of being near them. Usually when he's with me he wants me to hold him but I saw a change this time as he walked up to love on Clyde when he saw his sister do it. That's a first!

He was then very interested in seeing what Clyde was licking.

As we are leaving we got to see the sunset. Nice touch to the end of the day.

Have a good one!


  1. So much fun for your grandkids! They will remember this! And as always the sunset was beautiful!!