Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Pretty Day to Ride

After the strong cold front moved through on Wednesday the low that night was in the 60's. Thursday the temps stayed in the upper 70's with a light breeze. It was wonderful! I HAD to go ride! I saddle up Fancy and Diamond and headed to Lake Mineral Wells State Park.

I began the ride on Fancy.

We didn't ride far when I saw what I think may have been a Kite Hawk. It's not a good picture. I only had my phone camera.

I usually try to ride halfway before changing horses but as you can see Diamond was dragging his feet. I finally swapped horses.

Once I got on him he moved much faster. I think he just likes being in the lead!

My favorite part of the trail is along the creek.

Love how the sunlight shines through the trees.

I actually met a couple riding on the trail. I usually don't see anyone. We visited a bit then continued on.

After we get back. Diamond takes a good roll!

It was a great day!

Have a good one!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Riding Bikes with the Fam

A strong cold front came through Wednesday, August 19th dropping our temperatures to the low
80's! This was very unusual for August but we'll take it. It was perfect weather for doing something outside! The kids wanted to ride bikes on the trail.

We live a mile from the trail head and we rode our bikes there.

We rode down the street that goes by my Mom's house. I didn't do it intentionally but we are right in front of her house here! The little ones yelled "Hi Grammer!"

I got ahead of the rest of them for a bit.

Keannon had to make some adjustments to Vanessa's bike before we went farther.

We rode to Chicken Express (right across from the church) and stopped for a break. Then we headed back home.

Kennedy did great! We rode a total of 5 miles!

Korin fell asleep and Vanessa was trying to hold her up until we got home! We weren't far. The house in the picture is our next door neighbors!

She was out! Vanessa laid her on Kashton's trampoline. While we all sat under the patio.

It was church night so I didn't get to see the sunset but I thought these clouds were pretty cool all the same.

Have a good one!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Night Hawk and Sunset

I had been at a meeting at church on Tuesday August 18th and was getting in my truck to leave. A friend of mine who was also at the meeting had left ahead of me then drove back to my truck and asked if I had my camera with me. I actually did. She told me to take a close look at a bird sitting on a large cable over the church parking lot. She said "I think it's a Night Hawk. It's a little unusual for them to be seen in town. I tried to get a picture with my phone but I can't get close enough."

I quickly grab my camera putting on my zoom lens and snap a few photos.
My friend thinks he is a juvenile. I just thought it was cool I got a picture of him. He took off flying once and I tried to follow with my camera but he was too fast.

After taking these I went on to the horses to feed.

The colors in the sky were so pretty after the sun went down. This is looking a little to the Southwest. I wanted to get the moon in the picture.

This is looking to the Northwest . The church is in the bottom right corner.

Again looking toward the Southwest to include the moon.

Looking toward the Northwest.

And this one was just for fun! A silhouette of Fancy with a mouth full of hay.

Have a good one!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Cute and Cuddly Challenge

The theme at Cards in Envy challenge is "Cute and Cuddly".

The background paper is scrap of an Authentique collection called "Delightful" The paper was called "Sweet". The image is a Unity Stamp by Phyllis Harris called "You Are My Main Squeeze".

I colored the image with my Copic Markers. Then used some twine to finish.

I'm thinking I'll send it to Remi. It has already been two weeks since she went home!

Have a good one!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Just Another Monday

Well, not really. The kids have been living at the Peanut Palace for a week. On Monday August 17th, Kennedy had spent the night and I told her she could go with me to the office. Pastor doesn't usually come in on Mondays so it was a better day for her to come.

Kennedy took this selfie.

Someone taking selfies with my phone!

Texas State Parks are doing a contest for all sorts of prizes. All you have to do is visit a state park. Take a selfie with this paper finishing the sentence "My State Park is...."Then tag the photo with #TxStateParks and #FindYourPark and post on Instragram or Twitter. What I can't decide is whether to use this picture or one of just Kennedy. You guys have any input?

I finished my sentence with "My State Park is a place to take my granddaughter hiking".

This one isn't close enough I don't think. I set the camera on my phone to self time to get this one.

I believe this is an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail. I got out my zoom lens to get these. I was still wishing a was a bit closer. I had to climb some big rocks to get these!

Also saw this Bubble Bee.

My "sassy" little girl!

That evening Kennedy wanted to ride bikes to the cemetery. She likes this old structure on the grounds.

I thought my "tall" shadow was fun!

Look at these two cuties!

Pretty sky to end the day with.

Have a good one!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Surprise Visitors at the Office

Friday August 14th was an interesting day at the office. Mom came which has been her new habit since retirement. She comes and helps me fold the bulletins and straightens the information we put in the back of the chairs at church.

This Friday was a bit different as she brought helpers with her! Vanessa needed her help in watching Kennedy and Kashton so she brought them with her!

I also had another surprise that morning as when Pastor came in he brought his dog. Well, it's really his wife's dog. She was gone to a conference and he brought him to the office with him.

Henry is a little Shih tzu and a very lovable little guy. Kennedy absolutely loves this dog. This is the size dog I think she really wants. Once Kashton got over the fear that Henry wasn't going to hurt him when he jumped on him he really wanted to play with him too!

Again I found the Western sky attractive as I was feeding horses. Loved the clouds and the suns rays.

Once again I didn't have my big camera. I usually carry it with me but with the heat I've quit keeping it in the truck and forget to grab it when I head out the door!

When I got home the sky surprised me with this!

Have a good one!