Sunday, July 12, 2015

Where's Help When You Need it

I went to buy feed July 1st for the horses along with some other stuff. True to form young strong able
bodied men took it to my truck and loaded it. I was very appreciative but as I am watching them load it in my truck I'm thinking "where are you guys when I need to unload this at the barn?!"

There isn't an easy way to get feed to where I keep it. So I use a wheel barrow so I don't have to make several trips. There are 4  50lb bags of feed, the salt block is also 50 lbs and the white container is 10lb. A total of  260 lbs.

Before the sunset, the moon began to rise and it was a beauty!

Have a good one!


  1. didn't tell us how you felt after unloading all that! I'm whining because I had to carry a maybe 20 pound saw to my van. LOL. Love the moon photos!

  2. LOL! you're right I didn't! It wasn't too bad. I do know I was hot and sweaty! Thanks for the comment!