Sunday, July 19, 2015

Little Red Wagon

July 6th Vanessa and Keannon went somewhere and chose not to take the kids so I kept them for a
little while. Of course they always want to be outside. Kennedy's bike was still at my house from the day before so she rode her bike on the rode in front of the Peanut Palace. This street is not as heavily traveled as the one in front of our house. Kashton wanted to ride in the wagon. At one point both kids were in the little wagon and I managed to get a few pictures of them together.

There is something so cute about the way Kashton "cuts" his eyes! He is such a cutie!

 Oh the faces he makes cracks me up!

Kashton wants his turn at pulling the wagon.

Have a good one!


  1. Kashton is a cutie! So is Kennedy! It's nice that they like to play outside a lot when so many kids don't.

    1. Kashton wants to be outside ALL the time! I only complain when it's hot!