Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Helping Feed

July 14th Vanessa was attending a church women's event. She had the kids with her but when she was
getting them out of the car she discovered Kashton was soaked and she didn't have any spare clothes with her. She asked if I could come get him until she was through. I said "sure".

I bring him home and look through the clothes I have. Kashton hasn't stayed with me as much as the girls. I discovered I didn't have ANY boy clothes! I didn't want to take him to feed horses with no clothes so this is what I came up with! It was the least "girly" thing I could find. I sent a picture to Vanessa and she said "Don't take him in public!"

He's a good little helper! He helped me feed another time not too long ago and Vanessa said she overheard him tell Kennedy "I feed the horses!".

After we put the hay out he wanted to sit in it!  We didn't run into anybody while we were "out in public" so I think he's reputation is safe. Wait....I blogged it! Hehe....my bad :) At least I didn't put it on Facebook!

Have a good one!