Friday, June 26, 2015

Industrious Day

I'm not sure what got into me Tuesday but I rode my bike 10 miles and rode my horse for a couple of hours. I was one tired chick!

I had not ridden my bike for almost 3 weeks! It has been hard to get back in a routine after the rainy month we had. I need to ride in the morning when it is cool but I can't seem to break out of my "late night" habit making it difficult to get up early enough.

Our temps haven't been too bad but the humidity has been horrible! I decided to suck it up and ride anyway. Even though the trail was open I did encounter major damage at the place I blogged about before but the damage was even worse than the last time I had ridden.

This is how the trail look May 19th.

This is what it looked like on Tuesday June 23rd.

I realize this picture doesn't really give you "depth of field" so here's one more to give you a better idea.

Needless to say it was a bit of a challenge to get my bike across this! Once I navigated this area the rest of the trail was ok.

A lot of the beautiful wildflowers I had enjoyed along the trail last I rode were all about gone as it is the end of their season. I did however find one of my favorite summer flowers that make me smile every time I see one! The Sunflower!

The Mesquite trees are fully tasseled.

I don't know what kind of weeds these are but I found them interesting.

Found some cattails.

Some already bursting to expel their seeds.

Even the milkweeds are dispensing their seed.

As I came back into town i found some domestic flowers like this trumpet vine.

This beautiful Lantana.

And this butterfly bush

A close up. They sure do smell good!

I made it home and cooled myself by eating some watermelon! Yum! After resting a bit. I changed close and went to catch me a horse!

I wanted to ride Fancy but she was missing a shoe so I rode Diamond. The equestrian trails are still closed at the park so I road at my friend's again. I was much more watchful as they have seen several snakes with all the rain. Thankfully I didn't run across any but the mosquitoes and deer flies were really bad!

Riding the fence line.

Time to head back as the sun slowly makes its way to the horizon.

 I saw this on the way to ride but didn't take time to stop. I just love to see hay farrows and hay bales in the field. Always brings a smile to my face. Sure was wishing I could have taken some of that home! We should have an abundance of hay this year with all the rain we've had. Hoping that reflects in price!
All in all it was a very good day.

Have a good one!


  1. You must have had your "Wheaties" that morning! Goodness! You should be tired and WOW! on the trail damage!!! Beautiful flower photos! Love them!!