Thursday, May 7, 2015

What a Difference a Day Makes

After ridding with Leslie, the very next day (Wednesday April 29th), I made arrangements with
Vanessa for Kennedy to go ride with me. This was her first time to ride away from where we keep the horses. We rode at the same place.

The day before it was in the 50's and cloudy. I wore a long sleeve shirt and a jacket. This day it was the upper 70's sunshine and short sleeve weather!

We had been riding all of about 10 or 15 minutes when Kennedy said she wanted to take a break. I had bought her a snack and drink to carry on the horse. We stopped at the same watering hole that Leslie and her horse Cash played in.

Of course she wanted to play in the water.

She thought that was great fun!

I managed to coax her back on the horse.

I learned from Leslie and checked to see if my phone would do the same thing. It would! So here's Kennedy and my selfies with the horses.

Have a good one!


  1. What a fun and beautiful day! I'm sure you were as excited as Kennedy for her first ride out and about! :)

    1. I most certainly was! Thank you!