Friday, May 22, 2015

Stormy Week

What a week we've had and we are only to Thursday! Saturday night about 11:30pm we had 70 - 90+mph straight line winds in a Severe Thunderstorm! Some people are convinced a tornado hit them but there were none report or confirmed. There was lots of tree damage. Broken limbs, trees snapped in half or split and many just flat uprooted. Of course with all the rain we have received the ground is saturated making it easier to uproot trees but these are not small trees! We managed to not have any damage but Keannon and Vanessa were not as fortunate. Where they live has many oak trees. One tree was lost and their yard looked like a war zone as did much of the neighborhood.

This is the tree in their backyard. Doyle helped Keannon get the tree cut down Sunday morning. I came and helped clean up tree limbs and branches out of the front yard that afternoon. Power wasn't restored until the following day.

On the way home I stopped by our city park that also took a pretty hard hit. As you can see people were at the park. It was a pretty day after the storm.

A couple of lights at the ball fields in the park area were knocked over.

isn't this weird?!

There were some businesses that suffered damage from those high winds also.

Then on Tuesday we had another severe storm. This time there were tornadoes involved! (I didn't take this picture).

A tornado did hit downtown Mineral Wells! It formed just about a mile South of were we live at the cemetery I take the dogs to walk. It would drop down, pull up, drop down and pull up. We live about a mile from downtown. This metal came from a building across the street which would be to the left of this photo.

This is a view from the other direction.

It also hit First Baptist Church, the Catholic Church and some other businesses. (First Baptist is just to the right out of the photo).

This is a view of NW 4th Ave. just North of First Baptist Church. The Catholic Church property is on the right of this photo.

It was a mess but the awesome thing is NO ONE GOT HURT! And the damage was not what it could have been!

That's enough excitement for awhile. But meteorologists say we are in for a stormy weekend and have a change of very heavy rain with flooding. On the up side of all this rain....Mineral Wells water source is 100% full once again! What an answer to prayer! A month ago we only had 8% water left

and in 5 days we were back to full! Now you will never convince me that isn't a miracle!

Possum Kingdom is almost to capacity as well! We are happy!

This cartoon pretty much sums it up for me!

Have a good one!


  1. It is amazing that no one was hurt in the tornadoes! It has been one crazy week or so of weather and looks like we aren't done yet!

    1. Yes it was! I can't remember such an active weather pattern since I've been watching weather!