Friday, May 1, 2015

Palo Pinto County On Tour Part 1

This tour is put on by the Palo Pinto County Historical Commission every year. Doyle and I did this tour in 2008. I decided I wanted to do it again. It is a self-paced tour from 9-4. There were several places on the tour that weren't on it the time Doyle and I went that I wanted to see. I began my tour in Palo Pinto at the Old Jail Museum which was site #1 on the tour.

I had a wedding to go to Saturday (April 25) evening about 2 hrs away so I couldn't tarry at any one place. Since the Jail is open at other times for viewing I didn't take time for the tour at this stop.

A few blocks West of the Jail and also included in Site#1 is the oldest church building in Palo Pinto County. 1st Christian Church was built in 1882 and served as a house of worship until 1988. In 2010 the property was given to Palo Pinto County. The church building has been completely restored and is being maintained and operated by the Palo Pinto County Historical Association through a long term agreement with the County. The church is available for weddings and other special events.

It is beautiful on the inside! All furniture is original to the church and has been restored.

On my way to the next location I spotted these yellow flowers and I couldn't resist stopping for a few pictures.

The next stop for me was Lover's Retreat. Touted as one of the most outstanding scenic spots in Palo Pinto County. Years ago it was the most popular outdoor gathering places in the county and attracted many visitors. Now this location is privately owned and can only be accessed when it is on the Tour. It is about a 1/2 to 3/4 mile from the highway to the area over this very degraded one lane road. It was a beautiful drive. I apologize the photo was blurred. I just wanted to give you a feel of the drive.

Upon arrival I was met with a rock fence that was the opening to the area.

The original bridge crossing Eagle Creek.

It is such a beautiful place.

I wanted so bad to go exploring!

I once again couldn't resist taking pictures of the wildflowers.

On the way to the next location I encountered more wildflowers calling my name to stop and photograph them!

I must keep going!

Off to the next stop. Worth Ranch. This is the entrance to the ranch. It was probably a mile back to the ranch.

Worth Ranch is one of the oldest continuously operating Boy Scout Camp West of the Mississippi.

Indians of the Wichita Tribe camped on the flat plateau which today is Worth Ranch. The Fort Worth Area Council, BSA, bought the original Worth Ranch property from the McClure family in 1929. The stone buildings were constructed over the next two years on the plateau, today known to scouts as the "parade ground."

Ranch Entrance

This area overlooks the Brazos River valley.

This view you can see a portion of the river.

I did not make all the spots on the tour. I just didn't have time. I do have two more that I went to that I will cover in another post.

Have a good one!