Monday, May 11, 2015

Friday Night Rodeo

There are still Thunderstorms in the forecast and we choose to go to the Rodeo without horses. Once there I was so glad we made that choice! The arena was a mess! In fact the Grand Entry just rode around the arena once and left! I couldn't image how some of the contestants were going to perform. Some of them chose not too! It made for a shorter performance but still a good time!

This is the girl we bought Fancy from. Her name is Summer Gay and her family owns the Rafter G which provides the stock for our rodeo.

Korin with a hair bow bigger than her head! One of my FB friends said it reminded her of the hats ladies wear at the Kentucky Derby. She may have a point!

I love this look! I COULD NOT however get her to smile for me!

Me and Kashton! He absolutely loved every minute of the Rodeo!

It was Pink Out night at Rodeo for breast cancer awareness. My shirt is pink also but very light so much so that it almost looks white!

More storms on the way. They actually never made it far enough to cause us a problem. We were able to sit through the whole performance without rain.

Sitting this close gave us up front and personal contact with the contestants and LOTS of mud! Yep we all got mud flung on us on several occasions!

Doren and Doris came over Friday afternoon and came with us to the Rodeo.

He's just too stinkin' cute!

Best buds. Kennedy and Legend.

L to R Kennedy, Legend, Kashton and Nadika (Legend's sister)

We have one more night. Again storms are in the forecast. We received another .75 (3/4 of an inch) this morning so just imagine what the arena looks like now! We are again choosing to not take horses with storms looming.

Have a good one!