Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Finally a Date with My Riding Buddy!

Leslie and I finally got a chance or should I say we took a chance to go ride together Tuesday April 28th. I don't know when we last rode together but it's be a few years. 

And wouldn't you know after have many beautiful "spring temperature days" the day we were able to connect it was cloudy and chilly! Oh well. We're "cowgirls" and we were going to make the most of it. 

With all the rain we had received the trails at the state park were closed so I asked someone I knew who had land if we could ride.

I brought two horses. I ponied one, rode the other then switched. Rodeo is this week and wanted to get some ride time in on both of them.

Leslie brought 2 horses also but for a different reason. One had shoes the other didn't. It is pretty rocky where we were so she chose to ride the one with shoes.

Isn't she cute! Love her horses halter! That is Zebe and the other is Cash. Cash had the shoes. Zebe stayed at the trailer.

It had been a long time since I had ridden out here. We began our ride the way I had in the past but that meant going through gates. Since I had two horses, Leslie offered to get the gates. Here she is using her "ranch" skills!

We rode for a short distance to a decline that was riddled with loose rocks. Neither of us was very comfortable making the horses go that way on top of the fact it was muddy making slipping an issue. So we head back the way we came. It was then we discovered we didn't have to go through a gate at all!

I can't quite figure out why but every time Leslie and I ride she ends up way behind me!

Leslie and Cash decide to stop and play in the waterhole

and get a drink.

This was Leslie's view!

Leslie does lead the way during part of the ride.

A feeble attempt at a "selfie". Fancy didn't like Cash so we had a hard time getting close enough to get a picture together!

Now I know why she was dragging behind! Taking selfies! 

After we get through Leslie came up with a way to get a picture of us all. Now I need to tell you how she did it so you can appreciate how good this picture came out! She used the camera on her phone! She set it on self-timer, and set it on the fender of the trailer! This is a "group selfie"! Pretty impressive huh?!

We had a wonderful time even though it was "cold" to us (upper 50's and damp). We have agreed we need to do this again soon!

Have a good one!


  1. Looks like a really fun time for two horse lovers! I think I would prefer cloudy and cool to sunny and hot. But that's me. LOL

    1. Thanks Sandy! Yes I would prefer cool to hot also!