Thursday, April 2, 2015

Trail Ride with Fancy

Tuesday was the first time I've taken Fancy to the Lake Mineral Wells State Park to ride. Mostly because I discovered after I got her home that she didn't know how to back out of the trailer. After a traumatic experience of her throwing her head hitting the roof of the trailer 3 times and scrapping skin off her head. She wouldn't get back in the trailer so I had a little work to do.

It is best for a horse to back out of a trailer as if you let them come out frontward they can run you over! Over the last week I had managed to get her to load and back out several times. Yeah!

My farrier (and friend) put on Facebook he was going to camp out at the State Park this week with 3 of his horses. One of which he was training to be a pack horse to take when he went hunting. He is also a hunting guide in New Mexico. He said anyone was welcome to join him riding. I was game!

I went out Tuesday (March 31) to ride. I took Fancy. She was so nervous she had worked herself into a sweaty foam lather just riding in the trailer! (Geez)

We finally get on the trail. We started off side by side as the trailway is wide in the beginning but much of  the trail is narrow. Fancy and I take the lead.

She seem to enjoy it except for the rocks and there were lots of those. In her mind they were monsters waiting to pounce on her. Yes, it definitely keep me on my toes!

There he is. If you look really close you might see the ears of the third horse behind the one he's leading.

You can see the part of the third horse in this picture.

Getting ready to descend down the "mountain" (Texas mountain that is). It's still pretty steep!

Going down!

After an 8 mile ride we stop for a drink at Curtis' campsite.

I load Fancy back in the trailer to head home. The boys were sure glad to see her! It got to 85 Tuesday.

I've been trying to brush the horses some everyday as they are shedding their winter hair. This is how much hair I brushed from Clyde. Yes...he still has hair...and lots of it!

Clouds forming in the distance. They were way out West of us but we had a better chance of rain on Wednesday.

Have a good one!


  1. Poor Fancy. I agree that mountain descent looks scary! LOL And yeah, that's a lot of horse hair. :)