Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Rains Have Finally Come!

We had 3 days of rain in a row! Not just a couple of tenths but some sure enough rain! It started on
Thursday when I work at the scrapbook store. It came what Texans refer to as a "turd floater"!

This is my vantage point from the store's front.

This was a bit later when it came heavier and with some wind.

When I got home we had gotten an inch and twelve hundredths!

Then Friday we got it again! I was at home this time.

Sorry this one isn't as clear. I took it through the window of my craft room and those windows aren't very clean!

After that deluge we had an inch and fifteen hundredths! That put us a little over 2 inches in 2 days!

A pretty sunset followed. Not as good a picture since I used my phone instead of my big camera. My battery was dead and so was my backup! UGH! I don't know how that happened. Guess I forgot to charge one after I replaced it.

Still pretty colors! More rain in the forecast!

Have a good one!


  1. it's so wonderful to have all this rain! We got our biggest rain Saturday night.

    1. Yes it was. We got the least amount of rain on Saturday. Did you escape any storm damage?

  2. The sunset sure was beautiful that evening :)