Monday, April 20, 2015

Birds Feeding

I've discovered a couple of bird nests in our backyard. One I can't see at all but hear the babies. It is under the patio roof. The other is too high to see into the nest but I have seen little beaks poking just above the rim. One is a sparrow nest the other is a Robin nest. I've had fun watching the momma's and daddies feeding their young.

This is how I knew there were two birds not just one coming to the nest to feed!

If you look close you can see a baby bird's beak just above the nest and under Mom/Dad's beak.

This one had just caught a bug.

Getting ready to take to the nest.

Have a good one!


  1. Beautiful bird photos! I don't think we have any nests near our house this year. Too many cats! We do have birds that come to the feeders and now and then someone kills one. :( Usually a pretty red cardinal. The really big ones as I guess they are slower to fly off. We even had to raise our hummingbird feeders higher to keep the cats from catching them!

  2. Thanks Sandy! I still have a cat but he's old so he's not much of a threat.