Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Kashton's First Ride

Ever since Vanessa had planned Kashton's 2nd birthday party and told me she wanted me to bring a
horse for rides I told her I needed to have some trial runs with him. Between her schedule, my schedule and weather we hadn't been able to make that happen.

I was getting nervous as Kash's birthday party is Sunday. He turns 2 on Thursday March 5th. Now he talks about horses all the time and I've taken him to feed my horses a couple of times. He likes them but is afraid. He is fine as long as I hold him. Can't say that I blame him too much. They are big and huge when you're Kash's size!

What I didn't want to happen is go to the trouble to get Clyde there and then Kash be too afraid to ride. That would be a recipe for disaster!

Vanessa and I decided Tuesday would be our best shot. The forecast was for it to be almost 70 and sunny. Then another cold front come Wednesday with wintry weather again. I had plans for the rest of the week so it was Tuesday or not at all.

Meteorologists missed the forecast. The sun didn't come out at all Tuesday, the temp never even made it to 60 and to top things off it was drizzly!  Great! (insert heavy sarcasm). Vanessa couldn't help me as Tuesday is Kennedy's busiest activity day. She has gymnastics and dance. I asked Mom if she would help me. The plan was for me to pickup Kashton before Vanessa had to leave town.

Isn't he cute! He's got on his shades, boots and hat all ready to go!

The horses put on quite a show for Kashton. They decided it would be great fun to run from me and run they did! Even the old man! I haven't seen Clyde run like that in months! I don't know what got into them! I stayed after it though. They are only on 3 acres so there was no place to go. I was going to win!

I finally get Clyde haltered. I get him saddled and I get Kashton out of the truck. He's content to pet Clyde. I ask him if he wants to get on and he says "no". I ask a couple more times and the answer is the same. I make a move to try to put him in the saddle and he clutches onto me and says "no" in a whiney voice.

I think to myself "ok Val, change your strategy". I get on Clyde and ask if he wants to get on. He is hesitant at first but then willingly lets me pick him up from the tailgate of my truck and place in the saddle in front of me. Once he was on the horse he was fine.

Excuse my hair! I just got it cut and the beautician doesn't fix it the way I do.  Thanks to Mom she got some pictures for me with my phone and of her own accord took a video! Way to go Mom!

I really didn't think he would want to ride very long. When Kennedy was that size I would spend more time getting the horse ready than she would ride! Well, Kashton surprised me. We rode for about an hour and he didn't want to stop when we did! I couldn't be more proud!

I had to take a "selfie"!

I'm watching this weather forecast very closely. Front supposed to come through about daybreak Wednesday here and then the moisture is to come. Right now meteorologists say we could get 1/2 to 1 inch in sleet and snow. Mostly sleet. I'll keep you posted!

Have a good one.


  1. So cute! Looks like Kashton did really well. Can't believe he will be 2!! And yeah, where was that sun??

    1. Thanks Sandy! Time goes by so fast!