Friday, February 20, 2015

Upwards Basketball

Upwards Basketball is a ministry of First Baptist Church to the youth of our community. It is a great program where the kids not only learn the fundamentals of the game and teamwork but learning about the love of Christ. There are over 400 kids involved! I was finally able to go to a game last weekend.

As I watched the kids warming up I was very surprised at how well Kennedy could shoot the ball. Nearly every shot she put up went in! I'm thinking "I really did pass down my basketball genes!" That's pretty darn good for someone who is 5 years old! She came over to me and asked me to take a picture!

Shooting during warm-ups.

She's not very good at dribbling yet but hey, who is when you're first learning?!

Introductions before the game.

Going after the ball.

Pow wow with the coach. She knows I'm watching!

Still photos just don't do the game justice when these little guys are playing. To watch a short video clip of the game click here.

Have a good one!


  1. How fun and what a great program for the kids! Dribbling is hard to learn. But once she gets it she'll be fabulous especially since she has the shooting skill down.