Friday, February 6, 2015

Unseasonably Warm for January

Last week gave us weather beautiful enough to make anyone have spring fever! It was almost on the verge of being too warm!

One of those days instead of riding, I decided to hike at Lake Mineral Wells State Park and take my camera. I love riding at the park but it's hard to get pictures of wildlife while riding a horse. I follow Lake Mineral Wells State Park Facebook page and there had been reports and pictures of a couple of bald eagles. I want so much to be able to photograph one!

I had planned to hike the trails on the equestrian side of the park but after arriving at the trailhead I discovered that area was closed for the day. Not sure why. So I get back in my truck and drive to
the other side of the lake to the rock climbing area. No...I didn't see the eagles. I was a bit bummed but it was a beautiful day and I was going to make the most of it. I just love this view from the top of the rocks. This is the popular "look out" point. I made my descent down to the water's edge.  I came across what looked to me a natural spring. There was a soothing sound of trickling water falling from the rocks into the small pool beneath.

The clouds were so beautiful in the brilliant blue sky! I spied the American White Pelicans that are wintering here at the park. I decided to walk the shore line to try to get closer to them. They were at the farthest end not close as they had been when I brought Kennedy with me. As you can see the lake is VERY low due to our on-going drought. When the lake is at capacity I would not be able to walk the shore line at this part of the lake. I begin my trek to see if I can get close enough for pictures. The shore line is riddled with all sorts of rocks making my walk slow and tedious.
My walk was so difficult I had my head down watching where to place my foot next when I suppose I made enough noise to startle a Blue Heron. Not only did I startle him (or her) it startled me! I barely got this shot of it flying away from me.

My shadow selfie along the rock shore line.

Some ducks thought I was getting too close but I shot this with my zoom fully extended!

Not sure what kind of bird this is. It reminds me of a seagull.

A single pelican took flight.

There was hardly a breeze and the water like glass. Made for a beautiful reflection of the sky and the rocks.

I startled the Heron again. See the Pelicans in the distance?

This was as close as I could get without losing daylight.

I had a great time! I think this is my favorite picture.

Have a good one!


  1. You got some beautiful photos! Maybe some day you'll see the eagles!

    1. Thanks Sandy. I'll just keep going out there!