Saturday, February 28, 2015

We Got Snow!

Finally we got snow on Thursday! After several forecasts of snow it really did it!

When I woke up and looked outside I went running to the front porch! Still in my pj's and barefoot I went out of the porch and took my first picture! I was like a kid!

You can see the snow falling better from this angle which is looking to the Northwest of the house.

Gracie didn't care anything about the snow falling on her! I had to put a leash on her to make her do her business!

On the way to go feed. It's so pretty. I know those of you who get snow and a lot of it all the time are probably rolling in the floor laughing at me! But this is a big deal for us!

Fancy standing outside the barn. Mean boys! Or maybe not. Maybe she just wanted to stand out in it.

While waiting for the horses to get through eating I took a few pictures close by.

I just love how the snow sticks to everything and the look it gives.

When I saw this the first thing I thought was "not by the hair of my chinny chin chin!

Gracie and Kaidence playing in the snow. Gracie didn't mind the snow as long as it was falling on her!

No matter what the weather Kaidence wants to play frisbee! Here she scoots the frisbee through the snow.

There is snow in the forecast again for Friday. We'll see!

Have a good one!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Intriguing Sunset

Last Tuesday the very next night after the other sunset was another intriguing sunset. At first it didn't seem as though there would be much to it with all the cloud cover. But I kept watching while I was feeding horses.

All of a sudden I saw the sky fill with color! It was if the sky was on fire!

Have a good one!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

You Are Loved

I  wanted to make a card to send to Remi and decided to do the Cards in Envy's Challenge called "Puppy Love." The only requirement is to make a card with puppies or dogs on them.

The image is a Phyllis Harris Design rubber stamp called "First Love" sold by Unity Stamp Company. I just love this artist's creations and I have several of her stamps.

The design papers are an old Bo Bunny "pet" line that I had scraps of. The sentiment is also a Unity stamp. It is a Phyllis Harris too from another stamp set.

I colored the image with my Copic Markers. The sentiment I stamped then cut out the words individually to fit on the card. I was pleased with how it turned out.

I'm preparing for more wintry weather. Maybe we will get some snow and I'll have pictures!

Have a good one!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

White With Sleet

Meteorologists have been forecasting for several days that we would get wintry precipitation and this time they were pretty on target. There were two systems forecast to bring us moisture. The first was supposed to be liquid and it was. The rain moved in Sunday morning and rained all day. We got over an inch. The tube inside the big tube holds one inch. The outer tube holds the overflow. It began to freeze before I measured so I couldn't remove the lid! The temperature began to fall early evening right as the first round of rain began to taper off.

The next system was supposed to move through sometime after midnight.

I was awakened by the cat to go outside around 3:30 AM. This is what I saw. It was sleeting

Local schools were closed. Our neighbor is a bus driver.

Despite the drought I have a few Dianthsus flowers that have survived and with all the warm weather have bloomed!

Taking a picture of the truck showed the sleet falling better.

Fancy and Diamond meet me at the fence. I think they are ready for breakfast!

While they are eating their grain I took a few pictures.

Here's a close up of the sleet granules on the top of a barrel.

I didn't go into work. I decided to try a new soup recipe. This is Tortellini Soup. It is so good! I actually saw this recipe on Facebook. It was pretty simple to make also.

We may have another chance of wintry precipitation Wednesday. We'll see!

Have a good one!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Beautiful Monday Night Sunset

A week ago God painted another beautiful painting across the sky that I was privileged to see and got to photograph. I had Kashton and Kennedy with me too.

Have a good one!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Upwards Basketball

Upwards Basketball is a ministry of First Baptist Church to the youth of our community. It is a great program where the kids not only learn the fundamentals of the game and teamwork but learning about the love of Christ. There are over 400 kids involved! I was finally able to go to a game last weekend.

As I watched the kids warming up I was very surprised at how well Kennedy could shoot the ball. Nearly every shot she put up went in! I'm thinking "I really did pass down my basketball genes!" That's pretty darn good for someone who is 5 years old! She came over to me and asked me to take a picture!

Shooting during warm-ups.

She's not very good at dribbling yet but hey, who is when you're first learning?!

Introductions before the game.

Going after the ball.

Pow wow with the coach. She knows I'm watching!

Still photos just don't do the game justice when these little guys are playing. To watch a short video clip of the game click here.

Have a good one!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

"Grand" Time

Last Wednesday was a pleasant day ahead of a cold front. Vanessa had texted me the following message:

"Kennedy wants some Savtah time if you are available today. But Kashton has been asking for you too."

How does a grandmother say "no" to that?! The plan was for me to pick them up after Kashton's nap.

We went to the park. The front arrived while we
were there but we got enough play time in.
First we went to the swings.

Kennedy insisted on taking pictures of me and Kashton. I was a bit nervous as it was my SLR camera but she really did pretty good.

Kashton and I swinging.

Kennedy and Kashton swinging.

Then we went to the slides.

Isn't this picture sweet! Don't let it fool you. This same sweet sister also said to me "I don't know why we had to bring Kashton." Me thinks she likes me to herself!

Love these two so much!

Yes even I went down the slide.

Then we went to the tunnels. I'm not as agile as I used to be!

At least I'm still smiling! The temperature was dropping and the wind was a bit cool so loaded up.

On the way out of the park I saw these yellow flowers. I think they are confused about what time of year it is!

Kennedy wanted to get ice cream and of course I said "yes".

Of course we had to take a "selfie"!

It was a fun afternoon!

Have a good one!