Saturday, January 10, 2015

Remi's 6th and Kennedy's 5th Birthday

Remi's birthday is November 15th and Kennedy's is December 18th. Vanessa planned to have a combined party on January 3rd at the place where Kennedy has gymnastics and cheer.

It was nice because all the kids who attended got to jump and play burning off all that energy!

Doing what she loves!

Look how high she is!

Remi swinging.

Korin with Nana (Vanessa's step-mother).

Grammer and Korin.

Remi turned 6 and Kennedy turned 5.

Everyone is singing happy birthday! It looks like Remi feels a bit embarrassed. I love the expression on Kennedy's face!

telling secrets!

The American Girl is from us.

As is the horse for Remi's American Girl she got for Christmas from her Mom and step-dad.

One tired girl!

Girls tell everyone thank you for the gifts and for coming to their party.

Daddy enjoying some cake and Kashton having a juice box.

Such a handsome dude!

Keannon's mother (Karen), nephew (Kristian) and Dad (Ed).

It was a great party!

Have a good one!


  1. How nice to wait and share the birthday parties and looks like a great place to have one!

    1. It was great for the kids! Just a little chaotic for me!