Saturday, January 3, 2015

Addison Home for Christmas

Addison has been in the Marines for 2 years. This past year she has been serving in Japan. She came home for Christmas December 15th. My Dad and Barbara came to visit December 18th and stayed through Christmas Day.

It's pretty obvious I didn't take this picture. Don't I have beautiful nieces! Addison is on the left and Destiny on the right.

We got together at Wayne's house on Sunday evening December 21st. Before heading out to my brother's, I fed horses. After several cloudy and gloomy days the sun began to peak out just before sunset.

Aren't we a lively bunch?!

 My brother's girlfriend, Kelley (the one with the gray blanket) helped liven us up with a game called "Heads Up". It's a game that can be played with a ipad or any type of pad.

We tried playing using the TV but we had technical difficulties.

Even Doyle played. You pick a category. Then you show the word to the group. The group tries to help you guess what it is without using the word and you see how many you can get right. It was pretty fun.

There was even a category easy enough for Kennedy to play!

Me and the Kash Man!

Me and my Peanut!

Korin giving Mommy a little smile!

The only one who couldn't be at this gathering is my nephew Taylor. We had a great time.

Have a good one!


  1. Ha, ha. I think the unlively group maybe ate too much? Heads Up is a fun game! And yes, your nieces are beautiful!