Monday, June 30, 2014

Fun With The Girls

Wednesday Kennedy called me. I was riding my bike. She said "We want you to come play with us." How can you say no to that?! I asked if she wanted me to bring my bike so we could all ride bikes and she said "sure"! I didn't know until I got there that their cousin Krystal was there. I asked Kennedy "What is Krystal going to do? She doesn't have a bike." Kennedy said "She can run with us." I laughed and said "How about you let Krystal ride your bike and you run." We all laughed. We decided to walk around the neighborhood instead. Some storm clouds were forming. The breeze was comfortable and there was a low rumble of thunder but the clouds stayed to our North.

As we walked I had us stop to take a selfie.

For fun we did a silly one! Although I'm the only silly one.

When I feed horses the clouds were darker but continued to stay just North of us

Here's a view looking more West.

As I was standing outside the church visiting with friends I got to watch the sunset.

I love how the clouds to the right begin to have color.

I think the show is just about over as the colors begin to fade.

And then there's the finale!

Have a good one!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Queen-size Bunk Bed with Playhouse and Stormy Weather

Tuesday while having lunch with a friend Kennedy calls me. Keannon and Vanessa got a land line phone recently and put my number on speed dial so now Kennedy calls me when she wants too. She said that Daddy got hers and Remi's bed he was building in their room for me to come see. If you remember I posted a picture of the very early stages in a blog dated May 15th (you can see it here). Doyle helped Keannon get started but Keannon has done most of the work.

A side view of the end where the stairs will go.

Still some assembling . The rail on top is to keep the girls from rolling off the bed.

I finish up lunch, say my goodbyes and head to see the girls bed in their room. When I arrive they are just beside themselves with excitement! As you can see it's not finished. Keannon has a little more to do but it's done enough the girls can enjoy it while Remi is here.

This bed is WELL built! It is stout! The bed is queen size! I told Kennedy now I can come spend the night with her! She was all for it and wanted me to do it right now! LOL!

Remi is on the stairs to access the bed. Kashton loves it too!

While I was there storms started brewing. I decided to head home before they hit as I had some things to do here. This is coming down the hill from where the kids live.

Once home the clouds got even more spooky and angry looking! This is a view looking to the West.

We were never in a tornado watch but the clouds did bear worth watching. Doyle had called me out to look as he was seeing some characteristics of the potential for formation.

It finally began to rain and rain hard. This weather station is what Doyle gave me for my birthday. Seems appropriate doesn't it. Notice what it says at the bottom right of the screen? "It's Raining Cat's N Dogs"! Cracked me up!

As threatening as the clouds looked they only dropped 4 tenths of an inch but hey, I'm not complaining!

When I went to feed tonight I was pleasantly surprised by a deer sighting! Two doe. I had my SLR Camera with me but it was in the back seat. I was afraid to move after I pulled up for fear the slightest noise would send them scampering. Well, one did run off but the other stood there. This picture isn't very good as I took it with my phone and zoomed in.

Saw this lone sunflower which made me smile!

I also saw this weed blooming in the pasture.

End of the day. You can still see water standing in the curb of the street.

Have a good one!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Can't Get Enough Flowers

We are FINALLY getting some beneficial, much needed rain! It started early Sunday morning. We received 2.6 inches! Then Monday morning we received another 7 tenths of an inch putting us at a little over 3 inches.
The tank was almost overflowing.  I loved the reflection I saw in it!

I saw these flowers while riding Diamond Monday and went back to take pictures after I was through. Love the mix of yellow and red!

I heard this guy before I saw him. He was just singing his heart out!

Have a good one!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Some Cards

I've had a need for some cards the last couple of months. One graduation and several birthday.

These are papers are from an older My Mind's Eye birthday collection. I used the embellishments from that line to decorate the card. The next several cards were made using the same collection.

The image on this card is a Phyllis Harris rubber stamp sold by the Unity Stamp Company. I colored the image with my copic markers.

 This image is also a Phyllis Harris stamp from The Unity Stamp Company and again colored with my Copic markers.

Have a good one!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Dobbs Valley at Dusk

Monday, Doyle was at work and as the day was coming to an end I thought it would be fun to go to one of my old favorite places to photograph a sunset: Dobbs Valley.

It's not a town, more of an area. There is a little Baptist Church there and cemetery. Doyle's parents are buried there. What I love about this place is its quiet and peaceful. I used to bring the dogs here all the time and let them run loose. They loved it.

I also saw some other things while I was there.
I have no idea what this is called but I know it's a weed. I like the way it looks.
A dragonfly also known as odonata as I learned from a my dear friend Nanci!
Horsemint. Not sure how it got's it name.

Have a good one!