Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Guy is Old

Two weeks ago Clyde didn't finish eating his grain for his morning feeding but was eating hay when I left. That evening when I fed he didn't touch his grain. I knew for him to refuse to eat grain means something is way wrong. I had just had the horses to the discounted vaccination clinic that weekend and it always makes the horses feel bad for about 3 days so I wasn't too worried although Clyde had never quit eating from it in the past. The next day He wouldn't eat grain morning or evening. I could tell he was dropping weight and he's mopey. I check for gut sounds and hear them. Check his temperature and it's normal. I had seen him drink, urinate and poop. I go ahead and make an appointment with the vet. I'm wondering if maybe it's his teeth.

The third day of not eating I take him to the vet. The vet asked me when he had his teeth floated and I said never. "Floating" is a filing down of the sharp edges on teeth. She stuck her hand in his mouth and said his teeth were very sharp. She also did some bloodwork to rule out anything else going on. Doesn't he look pathetic here waiting for the vet to come see him? He's beginning to look his age (24).

It was too late in the day to sedate him to float his teeth so they kept him overnight and did it the next morning. I brought him home later that day. It was two more days before he started eating his grain again. He didn't eat his full ration but it was a start. He is now eating normally. He's not regained all the weight he lost but I believe he will with time.

Another sign of spring is the shedding of winter hair! I spent about an hour brushing Clyde and Diamond getting a lot of loose hair off.

Here's Diamonds pile. He doesn't have quite as much as he has done a better job of rubbing his off.

Birds should be pretty happy to have this for building nests!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Easter Weekend

Since Remi went home before Easter I gave the kids their Easter baskets on Friday before she left. I made each of their cards.

Saturday night before Easter the kids came over for supper. Every time Kashton is in the backyard he makes his way to where the wagon is. He loves to ride in the wagon. Kennedy wanted to go walking around the neighborhood and so she begins pulling Bubba but it doesn't take her long before she wants me to pull him.

Kennedy wanted to take a picture.

Easter Sunday, Doyle had to work. Mom usually takes me and the kids out to lunch when he's working. Since it was Easter and some of the restaurants closed it made for a little bit of wait time for a table anywhere. While waiting I tried to get a picture since everyone was dressed in their "Sunday best". Even though it was overcast with a chance of rain it still made everyone squint!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My Grandbabies and Bluebonnets

You all know how much I love Texas wildflowers! It's spring here in Texas (finally!) and despite the drought we are in the Bluebonnets are popping out! Not as thick or tall but up all the same!

Friday was Remi's last day with us this visitation and I went to visit. I had discovered a little patch of Bluebonnets a few streets down from Keannon & Vanessa's house and mentioned to Vanessa I would like to get the kids pictures in them. Vanessa asked me if I could handle it alone. I said "Sure"! (Don't know what I was thinking!!)

Remi and Kashton rode in a wagon while Kennedy chose to ride her bike. It was cloudy which I thought would make for a much better photography session in the wildflowers especially considering the time of day.

Kennedy couldn't quit squinting. She said it was too bright. I kept having her close her eyes and then open them again to try to get some pictures.

Remi complained about the "itchy" grass and ants crawling on her.

And Kashton...well, he was just a little Houdini! As you can see from this picture he wants to be moving! When I posted these pictures on Facebook Vanessa said she was going to enlarge this one and put it on the wall because she wanted pictures that captured her children's true personalities! It made for a good laugh!

Kashton was toddling down the street during this picture! Thank goodness it's a really quiet neighborhood!

The girls wanted their turns to take pictures. I set the camera on a tripod so they didn't have to hold it.  Remi took this one.

Kennedy took this one.

Kennedy took this one.

Remi got this one.

Remi took this one too. I wish I had got one with all of us but they were ready to be done!

One lone Indian Paintbrush among a sea of blue!

Have a good one!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

First Cheer Competition

A week ago Sunday (April 13th), Kennedy had her very first cheer leading competition. It was in Cowboys Stadium (now AT&T Stadium).

Mommy got a picture of her all in costume on their way. She looks too grown up!

I was concerned about her being overwhelmed at the number of people there but she didn't seem the least bit phased!

Because there were professional photographers taking pictures I wasn't allowed to use my zoom lens but was able to use my portrait lens and managed to get a few shots.

This is one of the big screens for closer viewing but we were close enough it wasn't necessary for us.

This is the background for the stage.

You can click on the picture to view it larger but I also put a K on Kennedy so you can find her faster.

As you may have guessed, I had someone in front of me who had a knack for moving her head in front of my camera!

Going up in a stunt.

Kennedy's group didn't really compete but still received a trophy for participation.

Can you believe she is only 4?! She did really good!

This is the back of her uniform.

Picture with Mom!

I think Remi was more excited about the trophy than Kennedy!

Have a good one!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Family and a Little T-Ball

Last Saturday I made a big breakfast for everyone. Keannon, Vanessa, the kids, Dad, Barbara and Mom. My little table in the kitchen was full! We had bacon, sausage, biscuits, gravy and scrambled eggs! When we were through the girls wanted me to play with them. Vanessa's friend Stevi came by with her son Legend who also happens to be Kennedy's friend. Me and the kids all ended up in my room. Legend saw Remi stamping and he wanted to stamp. He loves it! He's such a cute little boy. He's 4 months younger than Kennedy.

Soon we all loaded up to go watch Kennedy play T-Ball.

Oops. She missed!

Getting a little instruction from Coach Jessica.

Coaching paid off. We have a hit!

And we're on first base!

Running home.

Grammer and Remi

Remi and Great Grandma

Daddy and Kashton

I still can't believe my Dad is an Iphone user! Caught him messing with his phone during the game.

congratulating the other team after the game.

Great Grandpa and Remi

Before everyone scattered I quickly gathered the kids up with Great Grandpa & Great Grandma for a picture. This was the best picture I had and it was the first one I took. It was Kashton's nap time and he was one tired boy.

Have a good one!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

National Siblings Day

National Siblings Day was April 10th. I didn't even know it existed until I began seeing people post pictures of their siblings and referencing National Siblings Day on Facebook. I don't usually jump on those band wagons but that day I decided too and looked for some pictures of me and my brother. Not sure exactly when this was taken. Wayne was born in October 1966 so I am guessing this is 1967. This picture was taken by a professional photographer.

I think this one may be 1976 or 1977. I would have been 16 or 17 and Wayne 10 or 11

Here we are today. This was taken Christmas.

Although we don't live far apart, our lives take us in very different directions so we don't see each other much throughout the year. I am still very glad I have him!

Have a good one!