Thursday, December 11, 2014

Zonta Tour of Homes

The Zonta Club of Mineral Wells was founded in 1955. I don't know how many years the club has done these tours but it has been many! This is a fundraising event. This is the first time I have gone although I have wanted to do this for years. One of my scrapping friends homes was on the tour and I decided to go and take Miss Kennedy with me.

Vanessa had something to do and had asked me to pick Kennedy up from cheer practice anyway. My friend Teresa wanted to go too so we met at Walmart parking lot and took the tour together. There were 5 houses on the tour. We saved our friend's house for last so we could visit.

I was a bit bummed that I discovered that I had a smudge on the camera lens of my phone so my pics were not crisp. This is one of those pictures. Thankfully my friend Teresa (Gigi) took some!

EVERY place we went at least one but usually more than one commented on how cute her dress was!

The Kelly's home was historic. It was very beautiful!
Behind Kennedy is the garage which housed a couple of antique cars.

This was the front of the home.

This fireplace was between the house and the garage. They had a fire going in it too although it was down to embers.

This was at a different location. I loved these large ornaments!

We stopped at Community National Bank where they offered refreshments of punch, coffee and wonderful Christmas cookies! The rest of the pictures in this blog were taken by my friend Teresa.

This decoration was just too cute! The "bubbles" were balloons!

We finally made it to our friend Denise's!

I love this picture!

Kennedy did really well considering this isn't really a "childrens" thing. I thought she would enjoy the Christmas decorations and she did but she was ready to be done after the 2nd house! When we got to Denise's there was a little girl she got to play with and that helped!

She did tell me more than once she liked looking at the houses. I think I might try it again next year!

Have a good one!


  1. How fun! I really wanted to go when I saw that Denise's house and the Kelley's were on the tour but had already booked Rayline's for a Sunday workshop to work on Christmas projects. The photos are wonderful and yes, Kennedy's outfit is adorable! I love the Kelley's house. Jerry is one of Eddie's friends at the airport and we had been to their home a few years ago at Christmas time before the garage area was finished and this earlier this year we went to Jerry's birthday party in the garage. It is fabulous!! Denise's home looks so pretty love all her decorations! So I'm happy that you posted this! :)

    1. That's cool that you know the Kelley's! Denise's home was the best on the tour! I hate you missed it but I know Denise...she would still let you come! Glad you enjoyed it!