Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Vanessa's Birthday

Vanessa's 29th birthday was Thursday September 25th! When did that happen??!! My little Punkin is almost 30 years old!! Yikes! Although I worked at the store that day I wanted to do something for her so I invited the family over to the house for supper. I was going to make spaghetti, one of her favorite meals, but Doyle didn't want me to have to cook and suggested I pick up something. Well, Mexican is her next favorite so I picked up food from there. By the time I got done at the store, fed horses and went to get food the kids were at the house.

I had hoped to make her a birthday cake too but the night before was Church and I didn't get it done. I decided I would make it right after supper. It would be fresh that way too!

Vanessa was 9 days past her due date so after supper she and Keannon went for a walk giving Kennedy and I time to make the cake and put in the oven.

The best part of making a cake is....liking the scrapper!

Helping me make the frosting.

 The finished product! Buttermilk chocolate cake from scratch and homemade frosting!

I know that's not "29" candles but it was the best I could do! The cake was still warm enough in the center that when I pulled out the candles they were bent!

Vanessa had a couple of hard contractions at our house before they went home. Kennedy wanted to spend the could I say no?!

It was much later in the evening when Vanessa text me to say her water broke! The rest of that story is here!

The morning of Vanessa's birthday I took my last morning bike ride. It is just too dark for when I need to do it. The clouds were a beautiful color. This church is a block from where my mother lives. I will miss the beautiful sunrises but it will be nice to not have to get up so early! It's also a little more of a challenge to get my bike riding in if I don't do it first thing but I'm working on it. It will become more of a challenge when winter sets in too! I'll cross that bridge when I have too!

It was also a beautiful sunset that evening. This was taken while I was feeding horses.

Can you see the reflection of the Baker Hotel and the sunset on the hood of my truck!

Have a good one!


  1. Well she almost had that baby on her birth day! Cake looks like it was really yummy! And yep, it's getting too dark in the mornings. Makes it hard to get up much less ride a bike or walk!

    1. Thanks Sandy! It's hard for me to get up too as I wake up by the sunlight!