Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Me and the Grands!

Korin will be 4 weeks old come Friday. Here she is 3 weeks. Taken October 16th.  Vanessa had come over with the kids for supper. I held Korin so Vanessa could eat dinner.

I almost didn't get Korin in this picture! Kashton was too busy trying to get in the baby carrier!

Pretty sunset that night while I was feeding horses.
On Sunday the Kids came over after church for lunch. I didn't get the lid on good on Kashton's cup and got his pants wet so Vanessa took them off. He came running in the kitchen. I couldn't help but think of Tom Cruise and the movie Risky Business! Kashton is 19 months old.

He got Kennedy's princess chair and brought it into the kitchen to sit in. He's just too stinking cute! He is showing a lot of interest in horses. He gets the toy horses out first thing every time he comes over. He's beginning to say a few words but still pretty much has his own language. He does try to say Savtah but it sounds like "Dawdaw"

After lunch, Vanessa took Kashton and Korin home while Kennedy spent the afternoon with me. It was such a beautiful day we went to the park. Kennedy wanted to cover up with the pebbles used to cover the playground. Silly girl!

Have a good one!

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