Thursday, October 2, 2014

Korin's Birth Day

 I know I've already written about that....wish I had thought to use this title for that post.  Because Vanessa had Korin at a birthing center she was home by 10:30 a.m. the morning she was born! Kennedy had ridden home with me. She fell asleep in the truck not long after we left the center and slept all the way to Mineral Wells. I went by the house to let out dogs and left her in the truck...still sleeping. Put the dogs back inside and went to feed horses and left Kennedy in the truck...still sleeping. I drove to the office. I carried her inside and laid her on the couch...still sleeping! She slept until 11:30! I on the other hand was doing all I could to keep my eyes open! I leave the office and ask Kennedy if she
wants to go home and she says "maybe later". After lunch I convince her to lay down with me on the sleeper sofa that was still pulled out from the night before. She is rested and I am not! I doze off a couple of times as I awake to her shaking me and calling my name. I finally convince her to go home when I show her a picture of Kashton holding Korin (in the previous post). Kennedy said "They let him hold Korin?!" (with indignation in her voice!). This is the outfit she wore home from the center. I took this picture because the bracelet she is wearing was made by a family friend and I wanted to show that she was wearing it.

There was a beautiful sunset this day too!

Have a good one!