Friday, August 29, 2014

Sunset Sabatoge

The scrapbook retreat I went on started on Friday. Doyle worked Thursday but had to work mandatory
overtime on Friday. I wasn't counting on that. This meant I had to come back to town later in the day to feed horses and take care of dogs. Good thing the retreat is less than 20 miles from home.

 On my way back to the retreat the sun was starting to set but clouds had developed.

You can see some shafts of rain in this photo.

I liked how I captured the sun reflection on the highway. You can she shafts of rain in the right of this photo.

I get back to the retreat and walk out where I can see the horizon and hope that I might get to watch the sunset but the clouds were thickening and I began to hear thunder.

Doyle called me to say that from the looks of a radar it appeared the shower that had developed was heading toward the retreat and was just a few miles away.

I may not have gotten to take sunset pictures but I found the clouds pretty as well. There is always another night!

Have a good one!