Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My Cowgirls

Remi is back for her last 3 weeks of the summer.  As soon as she saw me she hit me up about riding Clyde by herself again. I think I'm making a Cowgirl out of her!

Friday, Vanessa worked and Keannon was heading back to work so she had asked if I would like to watch the kids. After Vanessa got back I took the girls to ride.

Remi did a great job of making Clyde go where she wanted and could make him stop. She looks like a natural!

Remi wanted to switch and ride Diamond. I felt comfortable with Kennedy riding Clyde as he is good to follow Diamond or any horse for that matter. I thought we'd walk around the pasture.

After riding the girls wanted to comb and "fix" Clyde's hair. Remi knows how to braid and put three braids in Clyde's mane.

While Remi worked on the front end Kennedy worked on the back end.

Then Kennedy wanted to help Remi.

Here's the finished product!

Have a good one!

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  1. Ha, ha, Clyde looks good! Yep, I'd say they are becoming Cowgirls!