Friday, July 4, 2014

Results vs Risks

Today's blog will be a bit different than you are used to seeing. I've been battling weeds in my horses pasture with the recent rains we've received. I am so thankful for the moisture! Why is it that the weeds grow much faster than grass?!

As you saw in a previous blog that I have been doing some major weed-eating but some of the weeds stalks are so thick that even with heavy string the weed-eater can't cut them down. So I've been pulling them by hand.  Ya, I know....very tedious...but pulling them by the roots is very effective or you would think it is. I pulled lots of weeds last year and I can't tell they are any thinner this year! It's also very therapeutic for me. I know may seem weird. There's something about seeing how things looked before and being able to tell a difference after brings me great satisfaction.


I'm a "results" kind of gal. I like to see that I've made a difference or that I can tell I've accomplished something. That doesn't work well in God's kingdom. He's all about "faith". Believing without seeing. Trusting Him with an outcome.

As you might have already guessed....I have trouble with that.

Yet, He still pursues me, still encourages me, still challenges me, still loves me.

It was while I was pulling weeds about this time last year out of sheer frustration over a situation concerning Remi that God clearly spoke to me "It's not about the results you get but the risk you take".

Light bulb moment!

He rewards the risk I take....not the results I get. I had to chew on that! That is so NOT the way the world operates.

But I am not of this world.

When I said "yes" to Jesus, He rescued me from the kingdom of darkness and brought me into the kingdom of light, purchased my freedom and forgave my sins. Colossians 1:13-14.

Back to the weeds.

I don't do well waiting. I'm one of those who has to be doing something all the time because I feel like I'm wasting time.  (God's working on that too!) While I was waiting for the horses to finish eating their grain I decided to "pull weeds". Right after the rains it was easy to pull weeds because the ground was soft. Some of the weeds were fairly easy to pull as they were in sandy soil.  Some weeds took both of my hands and using all my strength to pull out because the ground had dried. A few were so deep and the ground so hard that when I pulled they broke off. I was muttering to myself about why this had to be so difficult when Papa began speaking to me.

The soil is my heart. Some of the soil in my heart is soft like sand....some places are hard like concrete.

The weeds are "sins". Not what we would consider "big" sins God's eyes...sin is sin there are no variables.

Sins like, unforgiveness, judgement, criticism, selfishness, lack of self control...just to name a few. Sin isn't just something you do wrong it can also be not doing something you should. Such as not having compassion on someone.

At first the weeds are small in size and number but left unattended they grow amazingly fast and numerous!

If the weeds are not pulled out by the root they will grow back bigger and stronger than before. And the thing about weeds is they prevent the good stuff from growing and what is growing gets "choked" out.

I need "rain" on the hard places in my heart. Holy Spirit is the "rain" I need to come soften so Papa can pull the weeds out by the root. I must choose to trust Him to "handle me with care". He is gentle but He is persistent as He loves me too much to not make sure that I grow and flourish in His kingdom. His desire is for me to be "fruitful". It's hard to be fruitful when my life is riddled with "weeds".

"This is to My Father's glory,that you bear much fruit showing yourselves to be my disciples." John 15:8

I must also be aware that sin, "weeds" are not always recognizable as such. Sometime they are disguised by the beauty of a flower but the fact remains....they are still "weeds".

Holy Spirit come rain on the hard places of my heart. Remove the "weeds" of bitterness, disappointment, judgement and anything else you find that doesn't belong.

I want my heart to be as Solomon wrote in "Song of Songs" a garden fountain, a well of fresh water...a fragrant garden where the Lover of my soul can taste of it's finest fruits. (Song of Songs 4:15-16)

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  1. Inspiring and thought provoking post, Valerie. I glad God spoke to you and shared this message with you and all of us!