Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Remi's Solo Ride

Remi asked me about riding Clyde by herself the first I saw her. She had seen the video of Kennedy riding. Guess Mom and Dad had showed that to her so she wanted to do it too! Vanessa had a lot of things planned on Remi's first trip so we didn't get to do that until the day she was to go home! That was 4th of July.

Here is the link to watch Remi's solo ride. Toward the end I ask Remi if she remembers what I told her about stopping Clyde. You can faintly hear her say "no" then you hear Kennedy say "whoa" and Clyde stops! That's when I start laughing. It was funny!

Remi looked like a natural and wasn't the least bit afraid. After she made it around a few times. Kennedy wanted to ride Diamond so I brought him into the pen and put Kennedy on him. He's not a kid's horse yet so I led him around.

With Diamond in the round pen too, Clyde had a little more incentive to move. He was following Diamond. Then Remi decided to see if she could make Clyde go a different way. She was successful!

Kennedy was pretty proud to be riding Diamond!

It didn't take the girls long to get bored with going in a circle. Kennedy wanted to "ride the trail". There is some land next to where I keep the horses that has nothing on it and I occasionally will ride there or lead Kennedy on a horse over there. Keannon had come to help with the girls. I'm so glad. I would not have had both girls on horseback if I had been by myself! This way they both got to ride. Down side...Keannon and I had to walk!

Kennedy is trying to show Remi the view of the East side of town. As Kennedy said "Look Remi, you can see all the town!"

Have a good one!

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  1. Love your little cowgirls! They are doing so good!