Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Dixie in Training

I took Dixie to a trainer June 9th. The trainer works another job .... with another trainer ... so he does this on the side in his spare time. He hasn't been able to work her every day. He hurt his hand and didn't work her for a week. Then we got some much needed rain making the pen too muddy. He and I were finally able to coordinate schedules so I could come watch him work with her. I have missed her so much!

 Warming up.

I really like how this guy works. He is very gentle and patient with Dixie. His name is Jordan and I discovered that he went to school with Vanessa when she was at the Christian School.

Jordan explained that when a horse gets excited or stressed if you will rub your hand over their eyes they will calm down.

putting on the saddle pad.

She's acts like a pro!

next the saddle. Jordan asked me if she had ever been saddled because she was doing so well. I told him "not to my knowledge!"

Let's see how we work with the saddle on.

Jordan had started her around the pen again when she decided she wanted to turn and Jordan didn't want her too. Whoa Nellie!

He wins.

adding the bridle.

Dixie's not liking the bit in her mouth.

Learning to "give to the bit" or "giving to pressure". This phase is going a bit slower since she is an older horse. Most horses are trained when they are 2-3 yo. Dixie is 8. Jordan will not try to ride her until she is supple and giving to pressure. Hoping she will cooperate quickly despite her age!

Time to call it a day. You always want to end on a good note!

Although she still has some things to learn, I was very encouraged by what I saw. I am believing she's going to make me a great riding horse!

On the way home I spot some vultures. This guy let me get pretty close.

Saw this pretty hay field ready to be baled.

It is a beautiful drive to where the trainer lives. This is the Brazos River.

Have a good one!

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  1. It takes time when we are older. She'll be a great horse when he's done. :)