Thursday, July 3, 2014

All in a Day's Work

The rain has caused an explosion of weeds in the horse pasture! Some places they are as tall as me! Doyle had a co-worker who brush hogs on the side lined up to come mow the pasture. In the mean time I weed-eated Tuesday afternoon the places he wouldn't be able to get to with the tractor.

I'm taking the girls riding Friday morning and needed to get these weeds down before then.

Holding a gasoline powered weed-eater for 2 hours wears you out!

There were a LOT of stickers too! I'm sure you have heard of "sand burrs". Well these huge stickers are "goat heads" (I think) Good thing I was wearing a long sleeve shirt, boots and jeans. Those things hurt when the weed-eater slings them at you!

Now doesn't that look better? I didn't finish the round pen but I got the worst of it. I'll get the rest another day.

I also weed-eated down the fence line all the way to the other barn so the tractor didn't have to get so close. I weed-eated the area outside the fence where I park the trailer and down by the other barn around the feed shed but I didn't take pictures of that.

I was ready for a break! I brought plenty of water but now it was time for WATERMELON! Nothing better than cold juicy watermelon when you're hot and thirsty! I even drank the juice!

The brush-hog showed up on Wednesday. I was so glad I chose to weed-eat the day before. I still have some weed-eating to do but at least the worst of the weeds have been knocked down.

This is much better! Too bad all that green isn't grass!

Church let out late as the youth gave testimonies from camp but I managed a glimpse of the sunset. The bottom right of the photo you can see the silhouette of the Baker Hotel.

Have a good one!

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  1. Now that is a weed explosion! And I would not be able to move after weed eating that long. Well I'm not allowed to weed eat anymore. Our yard is looking a bit on the long side too. Brandy even mowed on Friday and it is back up tall again. Brandon will probably weed eat this weekend. I love watermelon and always drink the juice! Beautiful sunset photo!