Friday, June 6, 2014


The end of T-Ball season (May 16th). She actually had one more game but it was a make-up the next day and I worked at the store. Vanessa was trying to get ready for a garage sale and asked if I could take her. After the game she wanted a snow I bought her one! She decided on "Watermelon". Imagine that!

Giving Dixie a kiss (May 21).

(May 22) Granddad giving Kashton a ride in the wagon. See how he's leaning against the ball? He sure looks comfy!

Kennedy has an itty bitty grasshopper on her finger. If you can't see it click on the picture to enlarge for a closer look! (May 31)

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  1. Cute photos of your grandbabies! When is the newest one due and did you say it would be a boy? Or do you know yet?