Monday, June 30, 2014

Fun With The Girls

Wednesday Kennedy called me. I was riding my bike. She said "We want you to come play with us." How can you say no to that?! I asked if she wanted me to bring my bike so we could all ride bikes and she said "sure"! I didn't know until I got there that their cousin Krystal was there. I asked Kennedy "What is Krystal going to do? She doesn't have a bike." Kennedy said "She can run with us." I laughed and said "How about you let Krystal ride your bike and you run." We all laughed. We decided to walk around the neighborhood instead. Some storm clouds were forming. The breeze was comfortable and there was a low rumble of thunder but the clouds stayed to our North.

As we walked I had us stop to take a selfie.

For fun we did a silly one! Although I'm the only silly one.

When I feed horses the clouds were darker but continued to stay just North of us

Here's a view looking more West.

As I was standing outside the church visiting with friends I got to watch the sunset.

I love how the clouds to the right begin to have color.

I think the show is just about over as the colors begin to fade.

And then there's the finale!

Have a good one!

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  1. Ha, ha. I'm surprised Kennedy didn't offer to let you run while they all rode bikes. Adorable selfie photo!