Sunday, June 22, 2014

Dobbs Valley at Dusk

Monday, Doyle was at work and as the day was coming to an end I thought it would be fun to go to one of my old favorite places to photograph a sunset: Dobbs Valley.

It's not a town, more of an area. There is a little Baptist Church there and cemetery. Doyle's parents are buried there. What I love about this place is its quiet and peaceful. I used to bring the dogs here all the time and let them run loose. They loved it.

I also saw some other things while I was there.
I have no idea what this is called but I know it's a weed. I like the way it looks.
A dragonfly also known as odonata as I learned from a my dear friend Nanci!
Horsemint. Not sure how it got's it name.

Have a good one!

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