Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Kennedy's 2nd T-Ball Game

What a difference a week makes. It was a nice day weather wise than the first game. There was sunshine and warmer temps!

Kennedy (#3) sitting in the dugout while the other team takes the field.

Granddad and Kashton. Not sure why Kashton is making that face.

A little help from Coach before she swings.

Running to second base.

On third base.

Running to home plate!

and she scores!

The Hotrods getting ready to take the field.

Being "outstanding" in the field!

She acts like she knows what she's doing!

I think we're officially bored!

Most of the kids were hitting the ball in the direction of the pitcher's mound or between first and second so Coach began rotating the players out in those areas so they could get some action. Kennedy did really good!

About to throw to first.

She gets another one!

Going to first!

In between watching and taking pictures of Kennedy I couldn't resist getting some of Kashton! Granddad helping Kashton find me. I had my zoom lens on so I wasn't very close. I hate Doyle's eyes were closed!

I think we have another ball player in the making.

He is a very sweet little boy.

Overall good day.

Have a good one!