Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Easter Weekend

Since Remi went home before Easter I gave the kids their Easter baskets on Friday before she left. I made each of their cards.

Saturday night before Easter the kids came over for supper. Every time Kashton is in the backyard he makes his way to where the wagon is. He loves to ride in the wagon. Kennedy wanted to go walking around the neighborhood and so she begins pulling Bubba but it doesn't take her long before she wants me to pull him.

Kennedy wanted to take a picture.

Easter Sunday, Doyle had to work. Mom usually takes me and the kids out to lunch when he's working. Since it was Easter and some of the restaurants closed it made for a little bit of wait time for a table anywhere. While waiting I tried to get a picture since everyone was dressed in their "Sunday best". Even though it was overcast with a chance of rain it still made everyone squint!

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  1. It's still a great group photo! Love the Easter baskets!