Friday, March 7, 2014

Our Lil' Man

Keannon has gone back to work in the oil field in the fracking end of the business. This causes him to be gone from home more. When he's not home I find Vanessa on my doorstep more often...not that I mind! One afternoon she and the kids came over. I took advantage of the opportunity to take some pictures of Kashton. He is such a happy little boy. Kennedy has a cardboard box that I bought at Michaels that you color. It's called the "Sweet Shop". It has doors and windows in it. Kashton discovered he could crawl into it and found the window! He had so much fun until he tried to steady himself and being made of cardboard...the box fell over!

Kashton messing with Momma while she's laying down to rest.

Kashton loves his Momma

Sweet kisses.

Kashton and Granddad.

Kennedy is a great sister. She's offering Kashton some of her apple.

Have a good one!