Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Kennedy's Idea

February 16th was a Sunday. As what typically happens on Sunday after church, the kids came over for lunch. It was a beautiful warm day and during lunch Kennedy said she wanted to go ride. Of course I was game! Yes it was warm enough Kennedy could wear shorts and a tank top!

We had to make him all pretty! The spray is a detangler. After combing his mane and tail and brushing him. I get him saddled and Kennedy is ready to ride. We begin just riding in the pasture. Kennedy had become pretty sure of her riding ability and said "Look Savtah, I can ride without holding on." I told her that wasnt a good idea and she should still hold on. No more than 5 minutes passed when I heard Clyde shake and turned just in time to see Kennedy hit the ground on her back! It startled Clyde. It scared both me and Kennedy. She started crying. I picked her up and began to check her thoroughly. I felt like a real heel but there wasn't a thing I could have done to prevent it. It's not unusual for Clyde to shake but he usually does it after he's been ridden for a while and is sweaty or has gone through water. I've never known him to shake just minutes after being saddle. Took me totally by surprise! That's the thing about live animals is there is always the risk of getting hurt and them doing the unexpected.

I am able to console Kennedy and am convinced she's not seriously hurt...just shook up. I cautiously ask her if she's done or if she wants to keep riding. She says "I want to ride".

I was so relieved! That's my girl! I was so afraid I had ruined her from ever wanting to ride again but she proved me wrong! What a champ! I put her back on Clyde and she rides him for about an hour! The longest she has ever wanted to! And as a side note...Clyde didn't shake anymore! Notice she has "both hands" on the saddle horn!

Do you see buildings in the distance? When Kennedy saw them she said "I can see all the town"!

When we were done Kennedy wanted to lead Clyde around. Doesn't she look like a pro?

A little kiss!

My little Cowgirl! I couldn't be more proud!

Have a good one!


  1. She is a champ! Scary lesson I'd say but now she really understands why she needs to hold on! Glad she still loves to ride! Awesome photos!

    1. Yes it was! Probably scarier for this grandmother! Thanks Sandy!