Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Making Cookies

Last Friday I went to Vanessa's to see the girls before Remi had to go home. While I was there the girls received a package from their Aunt Jeri. It was their Christmas gifts.

She had sent them matching monogrammed aprons, cookie mix and cookie cutters! What an awesome gift! They were so excited. We had to make cookies right then!

I've been teaching Kennedy how to crack eggs. She does a pretty good job!

Vanessa keeps her friend's little boy. He is 5 months younger than Kennedy. They are Buds! Kennedy cheered for the football team he played for.

Pressing out the cookie dough so we can use the cookie cutters.

Remi is proud of her cookie she made!

Legend waiting on the cookies to bake. I just loved this picture! So did his mother!

Eating the fruit of their labor while bubba sneaks up behind!

Have a good one!

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  1. Weird. I left a comment but I was on my iPad so...who knows. Love this gift idea! And so glad they got to use it to it's fullest enjoyment. I think it was great that it arrived after Christmas so they could enjoy it without all the excitement of their other gifts!