Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Slow to Go

The ice is not going away very fast! Especially if its an area that doesn't get much sun.

This is the front of the church and my office. This picture was taken last Tues Dec 10th. Solid ice 5 days after the storm.

The pasture where I keep the horses. Taken Thursday morning Dec 12th.

This was taken the same morning. It's on the side of the barn where there is nothing to disturb the white wonderland.

By Friday most of the ice was gone. All that remains now are where there are large chucks that either fell off houses or were shoveled in a pile. As of Monday the chucks of ice I got out of the water tank that didn't have a heater are still there. We warmed to the mid 60's today and should be 70 tomorrow and nice weather until Friday when another front will come through. Not as cold as the last but still a 30 degree drop!

Have a good one!


  1. Well it is now Tuesday December 17th and I STILL have ice! About 4 ft behind our carport where we back out on to the street and about 3 feet wide on the ground the length of my house on the north side that faces the street. I hope it's all gone before it comes another super freeze. LOL

    1. Well, it's now the 19th and where there were sheets of ice that has fallen from metal roofs in a pile are still not melted completely. Looks funny to have ice in a yard when it's short sleeve weather! Hope you get thawed before it happens again too!