Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Eve

Twas the night before Christmas
and all through my house
is the smell of fresh baked cookies
that will melt in your mouth!

The stockings were all hung
on our wall with great care
There are two new additions
hanging up there!

Kashton in March and in August
came Gracie
I didn't hang stockings for
Diamond, Patches or Dixie

I am still wrapping gifts
I was slow in my shopping
While Doyle watches Christmas movies
on the hallmark channel

The kids came by
to open Christmas Eve gifts
After a full day with family
the kids were just spent

They all liked their new jammies
And I got them to pose
Although Kaston wouldn't cooperate
He was tired I suppose.

The day nearly done
 I'm calling it a wrap.
Merry Christmas to all
Now how did you like that?


  1. Ha, ha. I loved your write up of your poem :) Cookies look yummy. I spent all day Christmas Eve baking. Made three different, no wait, FOUR different cookie recipes!

    1. Thanks Sandy! I'm not usually very good at this but once I started the rest came pretty easy! I did it last year too I believe. The cookies were an after thought. I was going to make another kind and discovered I needed brown sugar which I didn't have so stopped with the one.