Monday, December 9, 2013

Calm Before the Storm

Last Sunday the National Weather Service started talking about the potential for another "Winter Storm" for our area. It had just been two weeks since the last threat that we came away unscathed.

Until then the weather was supposed to be unseasonable warm and it was.

It was warm enough at night that we had dense fog on Monday morning.

I wanted to go ride but decided I should try to get the outside Christmas decorating done before the cold came.

I wish I wasn't so picky about the lights all sticking up but I am and it takes a long time to do. I only got halfway through Monday before I got tired and ran out of daylight. The weather was supposed to be nice Tuesday and Wednesday until around noon  so I decided to go ride on Tuesday and finish up my outdoor decorations on Wednesday.

It was a good plan.....but one that didn't work out quite like I had hoped.

I did go ride Tuesday and so glad I did. It got to 81 that afternoon! I rode Diamond. It was a great ride. He's a great horse and the more time I spend with him the more I like him. Not only is he beautiful to look at but he has a sweet disposition. There are things about him that remind me of my Blue. Like how tall he is and his high withers. I discovered not long ago that he too likes to rub his head on me like Blue used to do expect he's not quite so rough! Blue used to almost knock me over!

Even after the last cold snap there were still some colorful leaves on the trees.

When I pulled into the parking area at the head of the trail there were two other horse trailers there but I never saw another soul until toward the end. In this picture (you will probably have to click on this picture to see it) in the very far distance is a man and woman who were walking the trail.

on the way back to the trail head.

On the way out of the park I was admiring the Lake, the stillness of the water and the reflection. Had to snap a quick picture.

Have a good one!


  1. It seems like forever since we've had scenes like you show in your photos. LOL. Hoping for a lot of ice to melt today and tomorrow!! Love your photos!