Friday, November 22, 2013

I LOVE This Time of Year!

Fall is one of my other favorite seasons! I love the mild weather, brilliant colored leaves (sometimes) and the holidays! There are some beautiful trees by where I keep the horses. I really like the brilliant blue sky with puffs of clouds. This is the back of the church and their parking lot.

Now granted, Texas fall leaves aren't anything like you would see up north or even on the east coast but they are still pretty. This is one of the driveways to the church leading to the parking lot. The other driveway is lined with the same trees. Just stunning!

There is another Arctic front on its way. We had one two weeks ago and experienced our first hard freeze. That's early even for us! Within a few days it warmed back up.

I had bought weather-proof blankets for the new horses before the last cold snap. The previous owners said they had never been blanketed. Most of the time horses have  adequate hair and can withstand cold as long as there is shelter from wind and rain/snow. However...I know horses and they don't always stay undercover and once a horse gets wet they get cold. I was prepared and the night the front rolled through I tried to put a blanket on one of the new horses and he was having none of it! I figured out real quick I was going to have to teach them how to wear the blankets before they could wear them safely!

They managed through that last Arctic front but we had no moisture with it. The last few days I've been working with Diamond and Patches to wear the blankets. Oh my gosh, you would have thought the boogie man was after them! They tensed up, quivered, tried to run from me and these two had been trained to wear a saddle! I saved Dixie for last as she doesn't have the training like other two. I figured as spooked as the other two were about the blankets Dixie would be even worse! Well, let me stand corrected! Dixie never flinched or batted an eye! I was so proud of her...yep...I hugged her neck! If I would have had a choice I would have gotten a solid colored blanket but this was the last in the size I needed. Now that I've seen it on, I'm kind of glad I got it. She looks snazzy doesn't she?!

I decided to try to ride on Tuesday. I rode Clyde and ponied Patches. I had made plans with a friend of mine to give her granddaughter a horseback ride for her birthday. She will be 8 on Friday. The cold front is supposed to be here Friday and Thursday I'm at the store so we picked Wednesday. I wanted to make sure I could lift the saddle. I managed just fine and had a great ride. I tried some trotting but my ribs and back were not up to that kind of jarring just yet.

Pretty end to a great afternoon.

I took this one last Saturday evening. That's the other thing about this time of year I love. The sunsets seem to be more colorful.

Have a good one!