Sunday, November 24, 2013

Birthday Girl

My dear friend Jean has a granddaughter who turned 8 on Friday. She has shown some interest in horses and Jean had asked me some time back if she could bring her to ride some time. With her birthday coming up she asked her granddaughter (Amira) if she would like her present from her to be a ride on one of my horses. She was thrilled! I am always happy to teach and encourage someone's interest in horses. Someone did that for me! The only horse I have right now that is safe enough for a child or an inexperienced rider is my Clyde.

We had hoped to do this on her birthday but the front was forecast (and did) come through Thursday so we planned on Wednesday after school.

Amira just wanted me to walk her around in the beginning so I didn't even put a bridle on him. This was the biggest horse she had ever been on and that can be a bit intimidating!

She asked me what would happen if I dropped the rope so I showed her. Clyde just kept following me around. I asked her if she wanted to try to ride him by herself and she did so I tied the rope in such a way that she could use them as reins.
She was amazed that she could get him to move by herself! Love this expression on her face even if it's a bit blurry! Amira did a really great job and I suspect this won't be the last time she rides ole Clyde!

Vanessa is making plans for the girls birthday party. She wants to do their party together again. Remi's birthday was November 15th. She turned 5. Kennedy's is December 18th and she will be 4. Our visit with Remi begins December 6th. That's provided we get her. Ya, there have been issues and rumblings that she is attempting to keep us from getting her. It's just so frustrating. I won't go into that now.

Anyway, Vanessa was undecided about whether to buy invitations or have me make them. I told her I could make them. The party theme this year is "Cheerleaders". Kennedy is all about cheering! Although Remi wasn't a cheerleader she went to Kennedy's practices while she was here and then of course Mommy coaches the Christian School cheerleaders. We went with the Christian School color which is purple.

It's really pretty simple. I used purple cardstock for the base and white card stock for the invitation. This stamp set is from Stampin' Up called "It's a Cheer Thing".  I bought it from a friend of mine who was downsizing her stamps. I am thrilled they came in so handy. I used Tim Holtz Distressed Ink "Dusty Concord" to stamp the images. Vanessa came up with the verse.

Since it is cold, wet and I'm home alone, I think I'll go back to my craft room and do some creating!

Have a good one!

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