Saturday, October 19, 2013

Life is Full and Life is Good

It has been one busy week! I'm continuing to work with the new horses in what spare time I have. It is definitely keeping me very busy. There really isn't any deadline or timetable except for the one in my head. I know I have all the time I need yet I feel this pressure to spend as much time as I can working with them to get them usable for all my family.

It makes me smile to see them all grazing peacefully together. The two mares are in the middle and the geldings on each end.

One of the horses that is trained to ride came up limping after I had ridden her once and it was an obvious limp. I had concluded that she either got kicked or hurt herself kicking at one of the others. Some of that is still going on with these guys although it has calmed down considerably. I tried keeping her semi confined to give her time to heal but after nearly two weeks and she wasn't any better I decided a vet trip was in order.

The vet did a thorough examine. He felt like she had just pulled a muscle or tendon. Since she had just been turned out to pasture the last several years she wasn't in shape and recent activity in my care probably brought the strain about. He gave me some Bute (an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever for horses) to give her twice a day for two weeks. The second week decreasing the dosage. He also said to begin to lightly work her to tone up her muscles. He said she was like someone who had been sitting on the couch and decided to go out and jog for a mile! I was very relieved! He said to not ride right now but I could work her in the round pen. So to the round pen we go.
She seems to be saying "are we done yet?" See how she's holding up her back left hind? That is the leg she is limping on. Although she didn't limp during the work out she rested it when she stopped.

I'm still working with the other mare "Dixie". I still don't have her loading all the way in the trailer yet but we'll get there. She is being more responsive to me of which I am glad. Kennedy calls her "Disky". I would like to change her name but Doyle and I haven't been able to agree upon a different name yet.

She got pretty sweaty this day so I rewarded her with a little cool down with the water hose.

She wasn't too sure about it at first but she tolerated it ok. I know it made me feel better to wash all that sweat off!

I managed to get a little ride time in on Diamond. He is such a big pretty boy!
Beautiful end to the day.

Every time I go to the pasture I pinch myself to see if I'm dreaming. I just love these guys! I am so thankful to have been given the privilege of owning them. I smile every time I see them. Usually after they eat their grain they hang out in the barn and eat hay but this morning something had their attention and they left the barn after eating their grain. As I make my way to the truck to head to work this is how I found them. They crack me up!

Friday morning the clouds were very interesting.

And Friday evening too! See the two rays of sunlight? I thought it was cool.

Life is very full right now but it's also very good!

Have a good one!


  1. Hope the one horse heals okay. Sounds like she will. I know you've been happily busy! They look really good!

    1. Thanks Sandy. I'm a bit frustrated as it's been two weeks (since the vet trip) and she isn't much better. The vet wants to do more Bute...give her a week off...then start again. Ugh!